The Vision

My vision is to provide a safe space for everyone. Gyms are scary places for some people, so as well as this being for the seasoned ‘gym bunny’ (yes I said it!) this is for people who are perhaps too nervous to step foot in a commercial gym… A first step if you like.   

This is a boutique personal training studio, No more running on a treadmill for 30 minutes after work, no more awkward lingering around the weight rack waiting for someone else to finish with the weights.

Basement personal training is an intimate training experience with myself, a fully qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach without the unwanted attention of onlookers, there’s no judgement here.


Just imagine…

Just imagine arriving at your PT session knowing that you are walking into a positive, energetic and un-intimidating atmosphere in a completely private studio, where you will be pushed to your own personal limits using a unique blend of fun and intensity to help you reach your goals.

The Gym

The gym was originally located in the basement of a mansion in Truro, Cornwall, the space had an urban design similar to a Manhattan loft …. A loft in a basement! (how about that). But still owning the sleek concept of my original basement gym, it is now kept within the depths of Exeter, in a garage this time nonetheless (I know, original right!) it is of course fully equipped with the latest gym-type things and

without a treadmill in sight!

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